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The SOUNZ Podcasts

Sonic Art: The Democratisation of Sound  

The SOUNZ podcasts cover a range of topics that relate to the music of Aotearoa New Zealand. Join our hosts as they explore issues and interests that are relevant to today, including classical music, Māori music, jazz, sonic art and the music of the Moana Pacific peoples.

What is ‘sonic art’ or ‘sound art’?

Think of the weird and wonderful sounds you sometimes hear in an art gallery, or on the soundtrack of a film or game, or in concerts or as soundscapes for dance or theatre: but wherever you find it sonic art is as wide as your imagination. Once associated with university music courses and contemporary music performances today’s availability of cheap technology has given the art form wings.

In this podcast Sonic Art: The Democratisation of Sound  Eva Radich goes into kiwi sonic artists’ homes to find out what their art is all about. She talks to electro-acoustic pioneers Ross Harris and Chris Cree Brown, gurus like John Coulter and today’s sonic explorers Sonya Waters, Flo Wilson, Ruby Solly and Marcus Jackson and discovers that the digital age when everyone has a recording device on their phone has led to an explosion of talent and unlimited opportunities to contribute to the culture.

Host: Eva Radich
Guests: John Coulter, Chris Cree Brown, Ross Harris, Marcus Jackson, Ruby Solly, Sonya Waters, Flo Wilson

Featuring excerpts from the following works:
Chris Cree Brown: No Ordinary Sun
Douglas Lilburn: Soundscape with Lake and River
Flo Wilson: Breath Beat
Flo Wilson: (Please) Keep Breathing
Flo Wilson: Music for Dance #2
John Coulter: While the Sun Shines
Marcus Jackson: like speaking into each others’ mouths
Ross Harris: Water Music
Ruby Solly: Te Koki
Ruby Solly: Koukou
Sonya Waters: Spring Tide
Sonya Waters: Evaporation (Dugal McKinnon Remix)

This episode was brought to you by SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music.

Production team

  • Producer: Eva Radich
  • Sound Engineer: Phil Brownlee

This podcast is supported by funding from The Stout Trust.

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Eva Radich

Eva Radich has been in the radio industry since the 1980s making programmes for RNZ Concert and RNZ National. She was presenter for ‘Upbeat’, Concert’s daily arts show for a decade, and subsequently created the global cross genre music programme ‘Pick and Mix’ for Concert and National. Eva has also been a Drama Producer, News Editor and News Reader, but began her career in theatre sometime last century. Currently she is trying to be idle but the desire to talk to artists has proved too strong.