The SOUNZ Podcasts  

SOUNZ podcasts covers a range of topics that relate to the music of Aotearoa New Zealand.  Join our hosts as they explore issues and interests that are pertinent to our music today including classical music, Māori music, jazz, sonic art and the music of the Moana Pacific peoples.

Join host Crystal Edwards (aka Kiino Krystal) and our three special guests — Tina Cross, Taisha Tari and Ainslie Allen — as they share their inspiring journeys and experiences throughout their music careers as versatile artists in the Aotearoa music industry

Links & Resources:
Tina Cross: Walk Away
Taisha Tari: Karanga
Ainslie Allen: Better Than Me 

Host: Crystal Edwards (aka Kiino Krystal)
Guests: Tina Cross, Taisha Tari and Ainslie Allen

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This podcast is supported by funding from The Stout Trust.

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