Being an island nation, there is no shortage of New Zealand music inspired by the sea, in all its moods. Gareth Farr’s ‘Te Tai-O-Rehua’ is a dark-hued portrait of the Tasman Sea, while Lilburn’s ‘Three Sea Changes’ provide a balancing tranquility. The programme is rounded out by Eve de Castro-Robinson’s sonorous ‘Pearls of the Sea’, Ross Harris’s ephemeral Etude (Waves) and Jenny McLeod’s piano trio adaptation of three sea-inspired tone-clock pieces.

Douglas Lilburn: Three Sea Changes
Performed by Nicola Melville (piano)

Gareth Farr: Te Tai-O-Rehua
Performed by the Goldner String Quartet

Eve De Castro-Robinson: Pearls of the Sea
Performed by Bridget Douglas (bass flute) and Carolyn Mills (harp)

Ross Harris: Etude (Waves)
Performed by Sarah Watkins

Jenny McLeod: Seascapes
Performed by NZTrio

Approximate running time: 48 minutes