2016 NZ Composer Session Recordings – Resound release

SOUNZ is proud to bring you not one, not two, but three years of complete Resound film coverage from the 2016, 2017 and 2018 NZ Composer Sessions. Read on for this feast of New Zealand orchestral music, with works by John Elmsly, Richard Francis, Philip Norman,...

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Rainbow Rosalind meets the Orchestra

A packed Dunedin Town Hall greeted Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy and the Dunedin Youth Orchestra (conductor Anthony Ritchie) for the premiere of ‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’, a fun introduction to the orchestra for kids. Rainbow Rosalind was joined on stage by...

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Michael Norris: Violin Concerto – Sama

Wellington composer Michael Norris sonically evokes the Sufi ceremony of ‘Sama’ in his Violin Concerto of the same name in this Resound film from the Michael Fowler Centre. Norris is particularly interested in the Mevlevi Order’s version of the ceremony, which...

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Lyell Cresswell: Of Smoke and Bickering Flame

"And from about him fierce effusion roll'd Of smoke and bickering flame, and sparkles dire" – John Milton, Paradise Lost, Book IV The eight short movements of Lyell Cresswell’s chamber concerto ‘Of Smoke and Bickering Flame’ are expertly dispatched in this...

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NZTrio women composers in 2018

In recognition of Suffrage 125, NZTrio’s 2018 concert programmes, ‘Twine’, ‘Braid’, and ‘Weave’ featured music by New Zealand woman composers. SOUNZ proudly presents Resound films of works by Dorothy Buchanan, Victoria Kelly and Celeste Oram.

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Screen composers Guild New Zealand: Gaming music workshop

Jayde Marter and Broghan Blackshaw of the firm AwesomeSource were guests of the Screen Composers Guild of New Zealand at a SOUNZ-hosted evening in April of 2018. Their presentation on composing music (soundtracks and effects) for the gaming industry covered many...

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Gillian Bibby 70th Birthday

In July 2015, friends and family of the Wellington composer, teacher and musicologist Gillian Bibby gathered at the Adam Concert Room to celebrate her 70th birthday. Below are videos of performances of the concert, as well as interviews with this most storied yet, in...

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Karlheinz company May 2015

Auckland based chamber music ensemble Karlheinz Company’s concert From Dylan to Xenakis featured New Zealand composers Eve de Castro-Robinson, Lyell Cresswell, John Coulter, and David Grahame Taylor.

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Low Noise2 at Toi Pōneke

SOUNZ spent time with the artists and recorded the occasion with a full length documentary of Low Noise2 exhibition at Toi Pōneke

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SOUNZ Contemporary Award | Te Tohu Auaha





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