Rainbow Rosalind meets the Orchestra

A packed Dunedin Town Hall greeted Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy and the Dunedin Youth Orchestra (conductor Anthony Ritchie) for the premiere of ‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’, a fun introduction to the orchestra for kids.

Rainbow Rosalind was joined on stage by her pals Fairy Cherry (Juliette Bernard) and Fairy Evergreen (Victoria Bernard), with appearances by Orion Carey-Clark (‘Percussion Man’ / ‘Harry Potter’), Siôn Davies (‘Percussion Man’ / ‘Steve Tunin’) and Claire Barton (‘Claire the Opera Singer’).

‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’ was the result of Rosalind Manowitz’s 2017 SOUNZ Community Commission (https://bit.ly/2Y7RbaR), a scheme administered by SOUNZ in which New Zealand composers work with community groups to create and perform new works. The scheme has been running since 1999.

Gather up the little people in your lives and follow us over the coming week as Rainbow Rosalind introduces us to the different parts of the orchestra.  

1: Kia Ora

Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy (Rainbow Manowitz) and her friends Fairy Cherry (Juliette Bernard) and Fairy Evergreen (Victoria Bernard) kick off with a song of introduction, ‘Kia Ora’.  

2: Orchestra!

Rainbow Rosalind magics-up all of the ingredients needed for an orchestra.


3: Tune Up!

‘Steve Tunin’ (Siôn Davies) observes the orchestra in its natural habitat and takes us through the important process of tuning.


4: The String Family Play

Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy returns to introduce us to the string family.


5: The Woodwind

In ‘The Woodwind’ Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy tells us all about those flutes, oboes, clarinets and bassoons.


6: Percussion Man

The Percussion Men(Orion Carey-Clark and Siôn Davies) battle it out on the stage.


7: Bring Out the Brass

The cool kids of the brass section shine in ‘Bring Out the Brass’, as introduced by the singing and tap dancing fairies Rainbow Rosalind, Fairy Cherry and Ferry Evergreen.  Rainbow Rosalind even has a go on the trombone!


8: I Can Be a Conductor

“Harry Potter”(Orion Carey-Clark) discovers that all the magic of Hogwarts cannot compel an orchestra. That task rests with the conductor (Anthony Ritchie), as explained in this song by Rainbow Rosalind.


9: Paki Paki

No visit to the orchestra is complete without clapping – paki paki.


10: At the Ballet

Rainbow Rosalind is joined by her Ballet Troupe on the stage of the Dunedin Town Hall for ‘At the Ballet’.


11: I Can Sing the Opera

Claire the Opera Singer (Claire Barton) coaches Rainbow Rosalind and a packed Dunedin Town Hall on the art of opera singing in ‘I Can Sing the Opera’.


12: Take a Bow

It’s that important part of every performance when musicians acknowledge their audience.  ‘Take a Bow’ is the penultimate song in our serialised release of Rainbow Rosalind’s ‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’.


13: Encore

…and once those bows have been performed to extended paki paki, it’s time for an encore!

This song concludes our coverage of Rainbow Rosalind the Fairy’s ‘Rainbow Rosalind Meets the Orchestra’, Rosalind Manowitz’s composition for the 2017 SOUNZ Community Commission.

The films made with funding from NZ On Air.