Douglas Lilburn’s classic ‘Overture Aotearoa’ begins this programme of four evocative pieces. The urban landscape is represented by Sarah Ballard’s exploratory ‘street : noise : graffiti’. Christopher Blake’s ‘The Angel at Ahipara’ takes a Robin Morrison photograph of a Northland churchyard as its point of departure, while in ‘Cries of Auckland’ Eve de Castro Robinson throws us into the sounds of Auckland protest marches through the decades.

Douglas Lilburn: Overture: Aotearoa
Performed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Gemma New

Sarah Ballard: street : noise : graffiti 
Performed by the New Zealand School of Music Orchestra, conducted by Kenneth Young

Christopher Blake: Angel at Ahipara 
Performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by
 Fawzi Haimor

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Cries of Auckland 
Performed by The Song Company, director Roland Peelman, and the Ying String Quartet at the 2015 Adam Chamber Music Festival


Approximate running time: 43 minutes