Oro Atua

a puoro Māori sound healing journey

Experience Jerome’s collection of around 40 unique and rare Māori musical instruments, from the Ngūru (whale’s tooth nose flute) to the Pōrutu Pounamu (greenstone long flute) and from the Koauau Tōroa (albatross wing bone flute) to the unique Pūtōrino (a cocoon-shaped trumpet flute made from the mighty tōtara tree). These beautiful sounds allow for a journey into self by creating a safe and nurturing space. In a fast-paced, busy world, Oro Atua gives us an opportunity for reflection and self-healing through the vibrational power of nature’s sound.

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Journey into Taonga Puoro

An introduction into Taonga Puoro – Jerome’s story.

Oro Atua

Taonga Puoro (traditional Māori musical instruments) reflect the sound of our natural environment from the mountains, rivers and land to the sea. Our ancestors used these instruments in days gone by as tools to heal and promote a healthy body, mind and spirit. Taonga Puoro holds the vibration of the natural world and when played, this vibration resonates within us and helps us to reconnect to the intelligence and power of nature.

Jerome Kavanagh


For the past twenty years, Jerome Kavanagh has traversed the globe with his collection of Taonga Puoro (Māori musical instruments), sharing the exquisite sounds and songs of the natural world and the beautiful traditions of our Tūpuna (ancestors).