Ross James Carey’s Toccatina (Elegy) was written in memory of Australian songwriter Ruby Hunter. Melodies are overlaid on a busy hocketing texture, reaching ever upwards.

Fritha Jameson’s ‘Heurism’, for three flutes, is an exploration of the possibilities of limited material, giving the effect of an object being observed from multiple perspectives.

We finish with the multi-functional virtuosity of Gao Ping’s ‘Si Bu Xiang’ (‘The Four Not-Alike’) for piano and Chinese instruments. ‘Si bu xiang’ is the informal name for the Milu (David’s Deer), a species of deer native to China that has been observed to embody aspects of four other animals, like a four-part Chimera.

Ross James CareyToccatina (Elegy)
Performed by the Aroha Quartet: Haihong Liu (violin), Anne Loeser (violin), Zhongxian Jin (viola) and Robert Ibell (cello)

Fritha JamesonHeurism
Performed by Bridget Douglas, Kirsten Eade and Luca Manghi (flutes)

Gao PingSi Bu Xiang (The Four Not-Alike)
Performed by Gao Ping (piano) with the Forbidden City Chamber Orchestra, conducted by Liu Shun

Approximate running time | Te roa: 33 minutes