NZTrio women composers in 2018 concert films

In recognition of Suffrage 125, NZTrio’s 2018 concert programmes, ‘Twine’, ‘Braid’, and ‘Weave’ featured music by New Zealand woman composers. SOUNZ proudly presents Resound films of works by Dorothy Buchanan, Victoria Kelly and Celeste Oram.

The audio was recorded by RNZ Concert (with thanks to producer Tim Dodd and sound engineers Adrian Hollay and Rangi Powick).


‘Trio Sound’ is the composer’s interpretation in musical abstraction of Ian Wedde’s poem ‘Shaduf’ (1980), penned following extensive travels by the poet in the Middle East.

It is performed by Natalie Lin (violin – guest), Ashley Brown (cello) and Somi Kim (piano – guest) at The Loft at Q Theatre on 26 June 2018.



The title is from a Portuguese word meaning a desire to sleep in order to rejoin a dream, something the composer says is impossible to do once you have woken.  In the music, “dreams wander in chords and gestures, deep breaths and ascending melodies” around a repeated note in the piano.

‘Sono’ is performed in this Resound film by Benjamin Baker (violin – guest), Ashley Brown (cello) and Stephen De Pledge (piano – guest)


CELESTE ORAM: The Naming of Waters

Celeste Oram’s ‘the naming of waters’ is a “genre-busting work more akin to performance art than chamber music. Captured in this Resound film at NZTrio’s ‘twine’ concert at Q Theatre’s The Loft, the work sees the players collect answers from the audience to questions slipped into their programmes. The results are read aloud by the trio and are different with each performance: at times profound, at times humorous.

‘the naming of waters’ is performed by Amalia Hall (violin – guest), Ashley Brown (cello) and Somi Kim (piano – guest).

Composed in residence at Civitella Ranieri, Umbertide with support from the Civitella Ranieri Foundation.  Commissioned by NZTrio with the support of Ian Graham and Agi Lehar-Graham through Creative New Zealand’s Creative Giving programme.

Resound is funded by NZ On Air.