New Composers

Bridget Johnson


Eva Bedggood

New Albums

Langabeer & Porter: The Twilight Zone

New Scores

Gillian Whitehead: Time steps out of line
Matthew de Lacey Davidson: Etudes for Piano Book 1
Matthew de Lacey Davidson: Five Lithuanian Melodies
Chris Adams: String Quartet No.5
Elliot Vaughan: Haunt The Machine That Kills You
Elliot Vaughan: Futures Past
Elliot Vaughan: String Quartet 2008
James Instone: Room 2 Rag
James Instone: Variations on ‘Sakura Sakura’
Helen Bowater: quiet birds in circled flight
Philip Brownlee and Ariana Tikao: Manaaki
Gillian Whitehead: Bougainvillea
Gillian Whitehead: No stars, not even clouds
Gillian Whitehead: Venetian Mornings
Gillian Whitehead: Shadows cross the water
Gillian Whitehead: Ka maranga ngā kapua
Gillian Whitehead: Song without words
Gillian Whitehead: Weaving time and distance
Eve de Castro-Robinson: The night is shattered
Eve de Castro-Robinson: jounce
Ross Harris: Orowaru
Ross Harris: Lament for Broken Bones
Ross Harris: Incantation (violin and strings)
Kit Powell: Symphonic Reflections
Kit Powell: In Memoriam NWA
Anya Keggenhoff: Night Fliers
Anya Keggenhoff: Glacier
Anya Keggenhoff: Non-Newtonian Fluid
Anya Keggenhoff: Emperor
Anya Keggenhoff: Ancients
Andrew Perkins: Fantasia for Eight Violoncelli


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New Films

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