New Composers

Jess Deacon

Paraone Gloyne

Kitty Milner

New Albums

Neil Feather: Instrumentory

New Scores

Colin Decio: Golden Threads
Kirsten Strom: Mist
Gao Ping: Ephemera
Gemma Peacocke: Hazel
Glen Downie: Rivet
John Rimmer: Symphony No 2 “The Feeling of Sound”
Anya Keggenhoff: Opa’s Uhren
Andrew Perkins: Date in Ao-Bao
Andrew Perkins: Lux et Origo
Andrew Perkins: Triptych
Sally Bodkin-Allen: Someone in the Greenhouse
Sally Bodkin-Allen: What’s My Motivation?
Sally Bodkin-Allen: When I Dream
John Emeleus: Vive La France
John Emeleus: Sonatina for Trumpet and Piano
John Emeleus: Sonatina for Horn and Piano
John Emeleus: Sonatina for Tenor Saxophone and Piano
John Emeleus: Elegy
Ben Hoadley: Burlesque Suite
Ben Hoadley: Cave Dances
Ben Hoadley: Four Preludes
Ben Hoadley: Katoomba
Tom Jensen: Fugue from G minor to F Major
Robbie Ellis: The Express Lane Hath Open’d
Juliet Palmer: small excesses
Juliet Palmer: Cutwork
Juliet Palmer: fire break
Bill Rootes: The Glory Of A Man’s Laughter
Bill Rootes: Sofa So Good
Bill Rootes: The Prosperity Of American Sexuality
Bill Rootes: The Thrills Of Trypophobia
Bill Rootes: Snare-Bare



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New Films

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