New Composers

Melanie Huata-Lucas

Blake Scanlen

New Books

Dorothy Buchanan | The Birds Began to Sing:
A Memoir of a New Zealand Composer

Sonic Dissonance: The Music and Life of Composer Yudane

Slap Tubes and other Plosive Aerophones
now available in PDF and MP3

Latest Albums

The Ken Smith Players | CELEBRATION

Silver Stone Wood Bone | Douglas and Fraser

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New Scores

Jessie Leov: Call fo the Ocean
Alex van den Broek: Anthroposophy
Martin Lodge: Pan Dreaming
Mike Crowl: Five Pieces for Kobi Bosshard
Mike Crowl: Long Barren
Mike Crowl: Echo
Mike Crowl: The Hills
Lyell Cresswell: Ritornelli
Lyell Cresswell: Waiata Tangi
Colin Decio: Two Short Pieces
Georgina Palmer: Prelude
Kit Powell: Das Ausland
Kit Powell: Microzoic Piano Suite

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New Films

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