New Composers

Ria Hall

Adrian Tangaroa Wagner

Julius Mari Magpantay

Dave Flynn

Alastair White

Reti Hedley

Te Okanga (Aussie) Kahutapare Huata

Latest Albums

Biddington: The Muse
Uwind | Saffron
Jennings: Voices of Women
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New Scores

Maria Grenfell: Prelude, Fugue and Foxtrot
Kenneth Young: Virgen de la esperanza
Ben Hoadley: Haratua
Janet Jennings: All the World’s a Stage
Janet Jennings: A Daughter of Eve
Janet Jennings: Echo Mass
Janet Jennings: Songs of Innocence
Janet Jennings: Three Shakespeare Songs
David Hamilton: Da Pacem Nomine
David Hamilton: Ballada Amarilla
David Hamilton: Dos Lunas de Tarde I & II
David Hamilton: Night Songs III
David Hamilton: Four by Three
David Hamilton: Rain in the Night
David Hamilton: Canticle 6: Fragments From Lorca
David Hamilton: Pohutukawa
David Hamilton: Lockdown!

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New Films

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