New Composers

Peter Feehan

Marc Chesterman

Judith Bell

Arli Liberman

Benjamin Sneyd-Utting

Jillaine Wilson

New Albums

David Long | Ash and Bone

Reimagined! The Rodger Fox Big Band plays Sir Dave Dobbyn

New Book

Around the Corners, Out to the Edges
A Memoir by Composer Jonathan Besser

New Scores

Easy Tunes for Tamariki (VIOLIN)
Easy Tunes for Tamariki (CELLO)
Sarah Ballard: Asha-bandha
Karlo Margetic: An Axe for the Frozen Sea
Karlo Margetic: In All Directions
Gemma Peacocke: Strobe lights and blown speakers
Gemma Peacocke: Upstroke
Gemma Peacocke: Song
Gemma Peacocke: Dwalm
Gemma Peacocke: Sky-Fields
Jacob Barrett: War
Jacob Barrett: Stardust
Jacob Barrett: FrostbiteĀ 
Jacob Barrett: Echoes and Cries
Jacob Barrett: Rattlesnake
William Green: The Turakina Canticles (Series 1)

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New Films

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