New Composers

Noel Rawiri Woods

David Mason

Gerald Ginther

Ruby Solly


New Albums

Unwind | Saffron

Direen, Williams, Contag | Ferocious

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New Scores

Richard Bolley: Flights (Travels with Alex 1)
Glen Downie: Reflection; Refraction; Dispersion
Glen Downie: Suite for Solo Viola 
Salina Fisher: Mono no aware 
Gerald Ginther: Dorogoi Dliniyu (Those Were the Days)
Ben Hoadley: Three River Pieces 
Ben Hoadley: Suite from “Miss Brill”
Michael Norris: Tidal Flow
Michael Norris: Zali
Michael Norris: To the names that have left
Michael Norris: Claro
Michael Norris: Gyri
Michael Norris: in:flexion
Michael Norris: Sgraffito
Richard Oswin: Sanctus (TTBB version)
John Rimmer: Bowed Insights

Michael Stoop: Two Sketches
Kenneth Young: Trio for Horn, Violin and Piano

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New Resound Films

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