New Composers

New Scores

Michael Bell: Song to Mananui

Denis Betro: Symphony No. 3

Sally Bodkin-Allen: Singing Down the Rain

Colin Decio: Five Songs of England

Colin Decio: Organ Concerto

Colin Decio: Cotswold Songs

Colin Decio: Songs of Travel

Colin Decio: Spirits of our Age III

Colin Decio: Never ’til the Sun Fails

Colin Decio: String Quartet No. 1

Colin Decio: Deathdance

Colin Decio: Primum non nocere

Colin Decio: Awkward Dance No. 1

John Rimmer: Cosmic Dances

Eve de Castro-Robinson: Clarion

Eve de Castro-Robinson and Horomoana Horo: a single note of rock


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Michael Norris: Sygyt

Kenneth Young: Five Pieces for Piano

Salina Fisher: Mono no aware

Tatiana Riabinkina: Alciona

Tatiana Riabinkina: No War

Mark Smythe: Korimako Bells

David Hamilton: The Flute of Spring

David Hamilton: Weather in the Valley

David Hamilton: Such Tenderness

David Hamilton: For a Sandy Hook Child – With Butterflies

David Hamilton: The Ecstatic

Tabea Squire: I Danced, Unseen

Kenneth Young: Nocturne

Reuben Jelleyman: Variations

Peter Feehan: Hataitai Garden

Eve de Castro-Robinson: the willing air



New Films

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