New Composers

Camryn Nel

Betaia Nehemiah

WHERO – Lucy Johnson

Johnny Yang

Raemaki Karati

Roimata Kereama

Keelan Ransfield

Fendall Hill

New Scores

Karlo Margetic: An Axe for the Frozen Sea
Colin Decio: Symphony No. 1
Sai Natarajan: We Long For An Adventure
Michael Bell: Come, Christmas Child
Kirsten Strom: Filigree
David Hamilton: Avec Amour
David Hamilton: Alchemy
David Hamilton: Barnes Dance
David Hamilton: Rags and Blues for 30 Fingers
Kenneth Young: The Enchanted Dance Hall
Kenneth Young: Reflections
Kenneth Young: Prelude and March
Kenneth Young: Prelude for Kerkrade
Kenneth Young: For Gil
Kenneth Young: Reverie (version with brass band)
Kenneth Young: Reverie (version with piano)
Kenneth Young: The Woolstonian
Kenneth Young: Londonderry Air
Kenneth Young: Vignette
Philip Norman: Surrealist Landscape
Philip Norman: Pro Patria
Philip Norman: Three Songs from ‘The Great Art War
Philip Norman: We are not here

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New Films

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