New Composers

Keta Rima Te Ahuru

Sonya Ishimnikova

Robert Wiremu

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New Scores

James Instone: Sir Christemas
Dylan Lardelli: Cleaving to Seconds
Dylan Lardelli: Following
Dylan Lardelli: secrets, listening to the qin
Dylan Lardelli: Between, Apart
Dylan Lardelli: leaving in focus
Dylan Lardelli: Shells
Dylan Lardelli: Visiting Blue
Gillian Whitehead: Bright Forms Return
Colin Decio: Zwischenspiele V
Colin Decio: Sakura – “Cherry Blossoms”
Chris Adams: Four Vignettes mourning the loss of a river
Chris Adams: Trio Suite
Chris Adams: Adoramus Te
Chris Adams: Sing to the Lord a New Song (Psalm 98)
Richard Bolley: Fleeting Masks
Mike Crowl: The Gardener’s Song
Mike Crowl: Song for a Child
Mike Crowl: Spring Day, Near Arrowtown
Mike Crowl: Response
Mike Crowl: Sun O (2)
Mike Crowl: Church Sunday
Mike Crowl: Sabbath
Mike Crowl: Trains They Go Along a Trainline
Tim Bowman: picnic at limbo ledge
Graham Parsons: Songs of Home


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New Films

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