Programme | Hōtaka

In John Rimmer’s ‘Composition 4’ for flute and electronic sounds, string and percussive timbres accompany flute writing that evokes the Japanese shakuhachi.

In ‘Immersion’, Annea Lockwood explores her love of the effect of two tones that are close in pitch producing a pulsing beat.

Linda Dallimore’s ‘Aotearoa – Cloud’ is inspired by the eponymous painting by Gretchen Albrecht. “There is so much movement in the work, from left to right, with a divide in the middle… it seemed an obvious chance to use glissandos that go up, and then glissandos that go down.”

John RimmerComposition 4
Performed by Uwe Grodd (flute)

Annea LockwoodImmersion
Performed by Rebecca Celebuski (marimba) and Peter Scholes (percussion)

Linda DallimoreAotearoa: Cloud
Performed by the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra, conducted by Hamish McKeich

Approximate running time | Te roa: 36 minutes