Low Noise2 at Toi Pōneke

Toi Pōneke Arts Centre saw graduates from the Sonic Arts programme at the New Zealand School of Music take their craft out into the world. Low Noise2 exhibition, 13.2.-7.3 2015, curated by Jason Wright, aimed at bringing sound art to a wider and non-academic audience.

SOUNZ spent time with the artists and recorded the occasion with a full length documentary and photo album of the exhibition. The following is intended both as an educational resource and interest piece to help people understand what sound art involves and the process of creating these kinds of works.

The Artists

Timothy J. Barraclough – [sic]k

Timothy J. Barraclough is an electronic musician and music technologist currently studying for his Masters in Engineering at the Victoria University of Wellington. He completed his Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Sociology and Sonic Arts composition at the Victoria University of Wellington in 2012 and his Post Graduate Diploma in Sonic Arts Composition in 2013. His work is focused primarily around creating new ways to consume and interact with artistic works through the use of both existing and emergent technology and the ways that technology can transform, inform and create social experiences.

Blake Johnston – The Lilburn Loops

Blake Johnston is a Wellington based sound artist. His creative output encompasses and often combines ideas from instrumental composition, kinetic sculpture and music technology for live performance and gallery settings. Blake is currently studying towards a PhD at the New Zealand School of Music.

Paul Mathews – Three Frames

Paul Mathews is currently completing a degree in computer science with emphasis on artificial intelligence and computer graphics. Paul’s work tends to engage with received interaction contexts as a means to facilitate and provoke discussion around the key concepts. Particular interests include generative, intelligent and learning systems while previous works have included live performances, fixed media and installations.

Richard Robertshawe – ASMR Study No. 1: Brain Sparkles

Originally hailing from the Hutt Valley, Richard Robertshawe graduated with a Bachelor of Music with Honours in Sonic Art Composition in 2009. Recently returned from Japan and the US, Richard is now studying electrical engineering at Victoria University Wellington.


Jason Wright – Black Series – Panels 1-4

Jason Wright is a composer, sound artist and producer, and holds a Masters in Music. He is the organiser and curator of the Low Noise Exhibition series, first held at Parliament’s Bowen House Exhibition Space in May 2013, and at Toi Põneke Arts Centre in 2015.


Mo H. Zareei – Gradient

Mo H. Zareei is an electronic musician and a sound artist, born and raised in Iran. After finishing his degree in physics, Zareei moved to the US in 2010 to study at CalArts, where he started to explore the world of electronic music, making sound from scratch with code, algorithms and circuits. Using custom build hardware and software, his experiments with sound cover a wide range from electronic music competition and performance, to sound sculpture and instrumental design.


Low Blow Beer

As part of the exhibition, Wellington’s Fork and Brewer experimented with low frequencies in the brewing of their product Low Blow.

The connection of low frequency speakers and transducers to the outside of the tank over the first ten days of the fermentation period allowed them to measure the effect of low frequency oscillations at 80HZ has on yeast metabolism and subsequent beer flavour.