In Turanga-nui Gillian Whitehead considers the landfall of Cook in 1769, and of Māori centuries earlier, the feeling of finally standing on dry land after a long journey, and the danger of the inevitable collision of the two cultures. Ben Hoadley’s Turakirae was inspired by the rugged, open landscape of the Turakirae promontory, where the Rimutaka ranges begin. We finish the programme with Chris Adams’s Otira Gorge, an elemental depiction of the eponymous gorge in Arthur’s Pass, as pained by Petrus Van Der Velden.

Gillian WhiteheadTuranga-nui
Performed by the NZSO, conducted by Hamish McKeich

Ben HoadleyTurakirae
Performed by the ACO, Peter Scholes (clarinet and direction)

Chris AdamsOtira Gorge
Performed by the NZSO, conducted by Marc Taddei

Approximate running time: 42 minutes