Keri-Mei Zagrobelna appointed as the Kaiāwhina Puoro Māori –  Māori Art Intern for SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music

SOUNZ and Toi Māori would like to congratulate and welcome Keri-Mei Zagrobelna to her appointment as Kaiāwhina Puoro Māori –  Māori Art Intern at SOUNZ.

Keri-Mei has been selected through the MAI Internship programme as the Kaiāwhina Puoro Māori | Māori Art Intern at SOUNZ. ​The programme is delivered by Toi Māori Aotearoa, on behalf of Creative New Zealand. It is designed to support emerging Māori arts practitioners to embark on a career in the arts as managers, professionals and producers.

Toni Huata, SOUNZ Kaihautū Puoro Māori | Director of Māori Music, says, “We are delighted to have Keri-Mei join the SOUNZ whānau to assist us in our Puoro Māori team. Connecting with our composers and wider communities is very important in the work that SOUNZ does. Keri-Mei has started engaging with our artists through cataloguing their works and by assisting with SOUNZ events like the NZ Composer Sessions and Screen Composers Workshop and planning our Kaitito Kaipuoro Wānanga later this year in Wellington. This is very exciting and only the beginning in this journey contributing towards Keri-Mei’s desire to become an excellent arts administrator alongside her own talents as a freelance object artist in jewellery. Ngā mihi rawa ki a Keri-Mei me tōna whānau me te kāhui mātua ō MAI me Toi Māori Aotearoa”.

This internship provides the opportunity to gain valuable experience in a working environment to those looking to explore or gain the relevant knowledge and skills required to enter into a career in the arts.

Executive Director | Tumu Whakarae Diana Marsh explains that this is a positive step towards the development of the SOUNZ Māori Music Strategy. “We are pleased to have Keri-Mei in our team to work with our Kaihautū Puoro Māori and other SOUNZ staff. SOUNZ supports the kaupapa of the MAI Internship and appreciates the opportunity to take part in this initiative.”

Keri-Mei says, “I am ecstatic to be at SOUNZ. I feel so honoured and thankful to be given this opportunity. I believe that there is a broad cross pollination of skills and networks throughout the arts sector and with this opportunity to be mentored I can gain valuable knowledge that I can share within the wider arts community. SOUNZ has so many exciting things planned and I am so lucky and excited to be able to be present for some of these key happenings. It is about making positive differences within our communities.”

SOUNZ works to champion and promote the music of New Zealand’s composers. SOUNZ is home to a diverse and vibrant collection of information, scores, recordings and film of New Zealand music and performances. Creative collaborations with partner organisations such as the NZSO, RNZ Concert, APRA and NZ On Air highlight the organisation’s ongoing growth and development through events and projects that promote New Zealand music to national and international audiences.