Land | Whenua

Programme In Turanga-nui Gillian Whitehead considers the landfall of Cook in 1769, and of Māori centuries earlier, the feeling of finally standing on dry land after a long journey, and the danger of the inevitable collision of the two cultures. Ben...

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Depths | Hōhonu

Programme In this programme, we journey to the depths of the sea. The first two works, Puhake ki te Rangi (Spouting to the Skies) by Gillian Whitehead, and Tohoraha by Tristan Carter, are celebrations of whales and their song. The final work, Ross Harris’s The Abiding...

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Meet composer Ruby Solly

In this series, we present our new composers. We are proud to introduce Ruby Solly. Please tell us about yourself and what you do. Kia ora! I'm Ruby Solly, or you might have seen my name as Ruby Mae Hinepunui Solly which is my full name. Sometimes I use this so that I...

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Composer spaces| John Psathas

In our Composer Spaces series, we ask composers to share a bit about their working environment and to give us a brief insight into their process. This week we present composer, John Psathas. What does a typical composing day look like for you? Please describe your...

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Programme Natalie Hunt’s evocative Only to the Highest Mountain introduces this programme, followed by Gao Ping’s The Mountain which is inspired by the culture and folk stories of Sichuan, the composer’s birthplace. We finish with Gareth Farr’s Roar of a Thousand...

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SOUNZ COVID – 19 update

There’s no doubt that the world we live in has changed dramatically, and like many members of the arts community we feel the uncertainty of these difficult times. But it’s important to know that help is available. Below you will find support services and opportunities...

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