Guest curator: Eve de Castro-Robinson

My selection stretches the notion of performance. Each work enacts a sonic or narrative concept, with a sense of heightened ritual, an economy of means, a containment of riches. The works vary in impact, from the visceral imitations of Celeste Oram’s funky Xerox Rock, and David Downes’ compellingly mysterious Generation, to the cool surgical precision of John Coulter’s Mouth Piece, and Miriama Young’s ethereal Inner. Repetition, in various forms, is a significant presence.

Warwick Blair: Protest
Performed by Kristian Larsen (bass drum) and Clovis McEvoy (diffusion) as part of Karlheinz Company’s ‘John Rimmer at 80’ concert

David DownesGeneration
Computer generated music performed by David Downes

Celeste OramXerox Rock
Performed by WasteLand (Nicholas Deyoe – electric guitar; Richard Valitutto – piano; Justin DeHart – marimba)

John CoulterMouth Piece
Four Speakers and video performed at the Karlheinz Company ‘Mouthpiece’ concert

Miriama Young (audio) & Richard Sidey (video): Inner
Performed by Miriama Young (vocals and harmonium), Chuck Staab (percussion), Mark Dancigers (guitar) and Ken Prendergast (bass)

Approximate running time: 45 minutes