Diana Marsh, Chief Executive of SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music, has been appointed President of the International Association of Music Information Centres (IAMIC). She will be the first person from outside Europe and the UK to serve in this role and will do so in conjunction with her work at SOUNZ.

Having been the Vice President of IAMIC for the past two years, she says ‘The IAMIC network is made up of a group of talented and passionate members who work hard to promote the music of their own countries and regions, and the role of music in society. I feel very excited about working with the board members to increase our reach and membership throughout the world and to find new ways of collaborating together to promote the music we all represent and its ongoing development’.

IAMIC is an international network of 34 organisations that document, promote and inform on the music of their country or region in a diversity of musical genres. IAMIC recognises the importance of sharing and optimizing knowledge, expertise and know-how and encourages collaborations, exchanges and partnerships between member countries.

IAMIC Board: from top left to right: Peter Baroš (Vice President), Jonathan Grimes (Secretary) middle: Agnieszka Cieślak, Frank J. Oteri, Diana Marsh (President) bottom: Deborah Keyser, Stephan Schulmeistrat, Valgerður Halldórsdóttir (Treasurer)

The office operations are now based in the Contemporary Music Centre in Ireland and the new board is made up of the following members.

President: Diana Marsh
Chief Executive, SOUNZ Centre for New Zealand Music

Vice President Peter Baroš
Secretary General, Slovenian Music Information Centre

Secretary: Jonathan Grimes,
Head of Information, Contemporary Music Centre Ireland

Treasurer: Valgerður Halldórsdóttir
Managing Director, Iceland Music Information Centre

Deborah Keyser
Director, Ty Cerdd – Welsh Music Information Centre

Frank J. Oteri
[Composer Advocate, New Music USA]

Stephan Schulmeistrat
Head, German Music Information Centre

Agnieszka Cieślak
International Projects Specialist, Polish Music Information Centre POLMIC