Maria Grenfell’s contrapuntal ‘Clockwerk’ kicks off this programme inspired by construction, robots, and unusual musical instruments. Jason Long expertly melds live electronics with the sounds of a robotic glockenspiel in ‘Broken Mirror’, while Alex Taylor deconstructs a series of dances in ‘burlesques mècaniques’. David Hamilton’s lively ‘Hurdy Gurdy’ evokes the eponymous string instrument with the medieval melody ‘Como poden per sas culpas’.

Maria Grenfell: Clockwerk
Performed by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Marc Taddei

Jason Long: Broken Mirror
or Closed-loop Robotic Glockenspiel and live electronics, operated by the composer

Alex Taylor: burlesques mécaniques
Performed by NZ Trio, presented by Chamber Music NZ

David Hamilton: Hurdy Gurdy
Performed by members of the Auckland Chamber Orchestra, Peter Scholes (clarinet), Jennifer Mori (flute), Miranda Adams (violin) and Sarah Watkins (piano)


Approximate running time: 43 minutes