Composing Now: Presentations from the CANZ Composers Conference

In April 2014 the Composers Association of New Zealand convened a two day conference for the presentation of papers covering a wide range of topics under the heading “Composing Now”.

Resound was filming at the conference and a selection of presentations is gathered together on this page. The papers provide a fascinating snapshot of musical thought in Aotearoa in 2014.


Dorothy Ker: Locating Space (keynote presentation)


John Coulter: Composing with Sound: An Analytical Approach


Eve de Castro-Robinson: Stocktake


Reuben Derrick: Between the referential and the abstract: soundscapes as musical systems


Chris Gendall: On Rhythmic Shape in Recent New Zealand Composition

Featuring rhythmic analysis of works by John Psathas, Chris Watson and Jeroen Speak


Blas González: New Directions in Post-Tonal Music

Featuring analysis of works by Alex Taylor, Jack Body, Jenny McLeod and Sudharsan Sivaramakrishnadas


Leonie Holmes: “I don’t do pulse”


Glenda Keam: What do we think we’re doing when we are composing?


Rachael Morgan: An analysis of Interiors for string quartet and the influence of Scelsi’s sonorist aesthetic


Michael Norris: ‘Set a silence to catch a silence’: Harmonic coherence and symmetry in Lilburn’s Nine Short Pieces for Piano


Celeste Oram: ‘Music, Mourning, and Monuments: the Ethics of Scoring Public Grief


Jason Post: A rift in the thing: traversing perceptual and theoretical sound objects in contemporary New Zealand composition

With analysis of works by Philip Brownlee and Samuel Holloway


Anthony Ritchie: The Large Canvas: the Symphony in Contemporary New Zealand Music


Alex Taylor: Watson’s Third Quartet and its Resonances for Contemporary Practice


Louise Webster: “Can we have a nice tune please?”