Starting off this concert inspired by spirals and circles, Michael Norris’s virtuosic Violin Concerto ‘Sama’ takes the motion of dancers in Sufi ceremony as its point of departure. It is followed by ‘The Exotic Circle’ by John Rimmer. The eight musicians are deployed in a circle, passing the music around to each other as they navigate through a colourful voyage of new sounds for the recorder. John Psathas’s ‘Helix’ finishes off the programme, exploring aspects of mediterranean folk music, from the rhythms of ancient Greece to Roma fiddling.

Michael Norris: Violin Concerto ‘Sama’
Performed by Orchestra Wellington, conducted by Marc Taddei, with Amalia Hall (violin)

John Rimmer: The Exotic Circle
Performed by the Karlheinz Company

John Psathas: Helix 
Performed by the New Zealand Chamber Soloists, presented by Chamber Music New Zealand


Approximate running time: 54 minutes