Seth Haapu

Since releasing his self-titled debut album in 2011, Seth Haapu has been one of New Zealand’s most prolific songwriters, penning tracks for others in recent years. Now he’s bringing his extraordinary voice to the fore once again, with the release of the breathtaking Pacific-tinged RnB single ‘All For You’, a track that pays tribute to the influence and strength of the women in his life.

‘All For You’ unveils a new sound, influenced by Seth’s own story and brought to life with co-producer Isaiah Libeau (SWIDT’s SmokeyGotBeatz).

“The journey of reconnecting to my Polynesian heritage gave rise to a personal transformation that pulses through my entire body of work,” Seth says.

“The song is about the force of nature that is the feminine spirit. A force that is both beautiful and powerful, in the most balanced of ways.

“My ancestral home of Huahine was among the muses. From a semantic and historical view, Huahine is known as ‘the island of women’, as it was ruled by queens.”

‘‘All For You’ is the first track from a project that’s a work-in-progress. The song is fresh and exotic, utilising digital production and pacific instruments made from wood and sharkskin, alongside his liquid velvet voice and intricately played piano. This is Seth Haapu, the brilliant Māori and Tahitian musician who is making Pacific RnB his own.

‘All For You’ is out today on Kehua Music, distributed via DRM. Stream it now on your favourite digital service or check it out on Spotify’s New Music Friday and R&B connect playlists.


‘All For You’ Credits

Written by Seth Haapu, Marley Sola, Nick Dow and Alex Wildwood
Produced by Seth Haapu and Isaiah Libeau (SmokeyGotBeatz)
Vocals: Seth Haapu
Guest vocal effect: Marley Sola
Upright piano, Polynesian percussion, programming, backing vocals and synths: Seth Haapu
Strings, brass, additional synths, and programming: Isaiah Libeau
Mixed and mastered by Scott Seabright
Made with the support of NZ On Air


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